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Internal e-learning course on ADPC's vision and framework for gender equality.

This course is mandatory for all ADPC staff. It aims to build the competence of all ADPC staff to contribute to gender equality in their work and in their workplace.

Target audience

This is an internal, self-based course that covers ADPC vision, policies and framework for gender equality, as well as expectations and responsibilities of staff. It is aimed specifically at ADPC staff, including affiliated staff and interns and is not recommended for partners and external actors.

About This Course

ADPC is committed to promoting gender equality, in its work, and as an employer.

The organization acknowledges that inequalities are deeply rooted, and that gender equality is a necessary approach to effective and sustainable disaster risk reduction and climate resilience.

As a part of ADPC, staff are expected and required to actively apply principles of gender equality on a daily basis both in their work and as a colleague. This mandatory course is meant to help achieve this through four modules:

Module 1 presents the course, and explains why gender equality is a priority for ADPC.

Module 2 outlines the policies and framework that govern gender equality in ADPC, and examine the overarching roles and responsibilities within ADPCs structure.

Module 3 breaks down what role staff have in the promotion and mainstreaming of gender equality. In the workplace, in supervision, recruiting and promoting, and in program/technical areas.

Module 4 solidifies the learning of previous modules through three scenario-based quizzes.


Before taking this course, learners are required to complete the first two modules of the United Nations “I know gender” course, which covers both gender concepts and international frameworks for gender equality. The course can be accessed here, via the UN Women training centre.

After completing the course, learners are required to share the certificate of completion with their HR representative. ADPC managers have a responsibility to ensure each member of their team complete this E-learning in a timely manner.

This course was developed with the help of the ADPC Gender and Diversity Working Committee, and with the generous support of Sweden.

For course administration, please contact Ms. Piangdao Noksapa at For technical course assistance, please contact  Mr. Bill Ho at

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