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Gender Perspectives in Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Response for Local Actors by Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP).

About this Course

The year of 2016 saw ADPC commence the shaping up of a multi-stakeholder regional partnership in 6 Asian countries. The Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) was formalized in 2017 with participation from Governments, Local Humanitarian Organizations and the Private Sector on a unified collaborative platform to strengthen the capacities and leadership in preparedness for response in Asia. With support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID OFDA, 6 national preparedness partnerships in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Philippines are striving to take the lead in emergency response for advancing the localization agenda put forward by the World Humanitarian Summit, 2016.

To guide and lead this change, ADPC aims to sensitize its members on the need for adopting gender-equal approaches to strengthen the APP action plans in the program countries. This online introductory course stems from the interest shown by the APP member countries and discussions at the regional workshop on ‘Integrating Gender-Equal and Rights-Based Approaches into APP Action Plans’ organised on 23 -24 April 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The course units explore the issues surrounding gender concepts, concerns and practices, and ways to address these concerns in disaster situations. The course draws experiences and learnings from ADPC’s extensive programmatic work and partnerships in the region as well as from other regional and global resources. It untangles and presents these complex and dynamic matters in a simple, interesting and practical ways for you to understand. Using documented cases and examples, it builds awareness, knowledge and skills of local actors to adapt and learn different approaches for gender integration. The units will explore key global agreements and directives that guide tackling gender issues and key concerns, and identify entry-points for gender inclusive interventions in disaster risk reduction and humanitarian response.

What you will learn

After completion of this introductory course, you will gain understanding and knowledge of:

  • Gender literacy: Concepts, terminologies and frameworks on gender, disaster preparedness and humanitarian response
  • Tools for conducting gender analysis, use of sex and age disaggregated data
  • Gender-sensitive approaches and their application for disaster preparedness and humanitarian response.
  • Learning through innovation, advocacy, collaboration and partnership.
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Course Outline

Expert track – Launch date: XXth XXX 2018

  • Module 1: Concepts and terminologies on gender, disaster preparedness and humanitarian response
  • Module 2: International frameworks/ declarations for gender integration into disaster preparedness and humanitarian response
  • Module 3: Basic Tool for Gender Analysis
  • Module 4: Learning through innovation, advocacy, collaboration and partnership

Meet the instructors

Ms. Madhavi Ariyabandu

Course Content Developer, Senior Expert, Disaster Risk and Resilience, Formerly UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Asia Pacific

Ms. Shivani Gupta

South – South Learning and Research Coordinator,Asian Disaster Preparedness Center.