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Intersectionality acknowledges that every person's life is affected by several interacting factors which together influence resilience and the impact of disasters. Find out more with this course.

About This Course

The Sendai Framework promotes an all-of-society approach to disaster risk reduction and climate resilience. To truly target all-of-society, it is important to analyze and understand the structures and factors that lead to privilege and discrimination, and that influence resilience and how women, girls, boys, men and persons with non-binary gender identities are impacted by disasters.

Gender is an always present factor, but it interacts with many other factors, such as ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. This is what intersectionality acknowledges, and helps us analyze and understand.

Intersectionality is central to understanding how disasters impact all members of society and transform the norms and structures that leave women and marginalized groups at a disadvantage and disproportionally affected by disasters.

With this course, we offer you a glimpse into key aspects of intersectionality and what to consider. We also provide suggestions on where you can find more information to deepen your understanding on the topic.

Expected time requirement: 15-20 minutes.

This self-paced module is part of ADPC’s 'About Gender'-series, a collection of short web-based courses on key concepts of gender which all depart from a so-called gender-transformative approach.

A gender-transformative approach recognizes that a gender-equal and socially inclusive approach to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate resilience (CR) requires us to change the way we think, and the way we work.

With this series we hope to help you rise to that challenge.

Who is this course for?

The series has been developed for DRR and CR professionals who:

  • Have little to no experience and knowledge in gender
  • Have some experience and knowledge in gender, but need a refresher on certain concepts
  • Have experience in gender but are looking for a quick recap on specific concepts and/or links to more information

For further information about the E-Learning course, you may contact ADPC Academy at

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