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"connecting space to village"
edx ADPC / SERVIR-Mekong is an initiative to build and institutionalize the technical capacity of government decision makers and key civil society groups to integrate geospatial information into their decision-making, planning and communication.

Available Courses

Learning at ADPC e-learning Platform

  • Receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo for certain verified certificate courses. Showcase your professional development.

  • Courses are offered by leading academic institutions around the world recognized by industry leaders. Develop your technical capacity in disaster risk management and climate change mitigation through a series of interactive courses.

  • Know your industry peers and grow your professional network. Meet like-minded professionals from governmental and civil society organizations around the world to share knowledge and successes.

  • Courses are available at your fingertips. Download now through (App store logo) (Google Playstore logo)